Aesculus glabra. (Ohio Buckeye)
Ohio buckeye flowerhead

Zone: 3 to 7

Soil: Sand to lighter clay soils

Light: Full sun to part sun

Bloom colour: cream to yellow

Bloom period: Mid spring

Height: typically, less than 40 feet

Moisture: Moist

Attracts: Queen bees and hummingbirds

Notes: Ohio buckeye is a medium size tree that is native to the Eastern United States as well as a small part of Ontario. It will grow perfectly well in Southern Ontario if the soil is well drained and moist.

Like other species in this genus, the flowerheads are showy. The flowers are borne on panicles about 8 inches high. The flowerheads on Ohio Buckeye are eye-catching.

They are excellent trees for wildlife. Queen bumblebees flock to the flowerheads. They are also a nice early food source for hummingbirds just arriving in Ontario. Later in the summer, only squirrels can eat the seeds, which are toxic for all the other animals.

These trees can grow quite large but mostly tend to grow to modest heights so they can easily be planted in smaller gardens. I have never seen trees with so many queen bumblebees so this plant would be of considerable interest to wildlife gardeners if you have the right growing conditions.




Yellow panicles of Bottlebrush Buckeye
Ohio buckeye in flower
Like other members of this genus, the leaves are compound and palmate.
Ohio Buckeye with Queen bumblebee  Bombus bimaculatus
A queen Bombus bimaculatus on Ohio Buckeye.