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Native plants and supplies close to Toronto.

Below is a list of suppliers that sell native plants in Ontario or who have sold equipment to me. Keep an eye out on their websites for their updated plant lists, which are uploaded from January to March. To guarantee that you get what you want, order as early as possible.

Once you have ordered online, you may get a confirmation. Double check to make sure that the plants you ordered are correctly entered onto the invoice. It is quite easy to make a mistake with plant identification when they are coming up so you have to check your order again when you receive the plants. These types of companies are usually very happy to correct any mistakes they may have made and I have found the following companies to take great care to ensure the quality of their plants. If they are not sure about the quality, then they will ask you to wait for your order or advise you against buying the plant.

Delivery is usually expensive so plan on visiting the nursery to get your plants unless otherwise noted. Some nurseries are open to visitors during regular hours and allow you to browse plants. Other nurseries prefer that you just come to do a curb site pick-up by appointment. Some nurseries mostly do wholesale and only open the nursery up to retails customers on a few specific days. These companies may also have a minimum order restriction to make this side of the business worthwhile. Since some of these businesses are very small, they may not accept credit cards. Be prepared to make an e-transfer.

A great way to get plants if you do not have transportation is to find a local organisation that puts on a plant sale. In Toronto, the biggest sale is organised by the North American Native Plant Society, but there are many groups across Ontario and the rest of N. America that organise similar events. You will pay a bit more for the plants but you are not paying delivery costs and you only have to visit one place to get the plants you need.


Native Plant Suppliers  
Acorus Restoration

A large range of native plants grown from seed collected in Ontario.


Beaux Arbres

Sells a range of plants and seeds native to the Ottawa valley. In addition, they also sell some plants from other parts of Canada and the Eastern United States. Serves the Ottawa area.


Green Side Up

They sell native Ontario species and bioengineering material for erosion control projects/shoreline restoration.


Grow Wild

They do have a nice selection of native plants that are difficult to find. The owner is knowledgeable and helpful.


Native Plant Nurseries

They seem to cater more to schools but you can order from them by sending an email and pick up their plants in Scarborough. The plants received have always been in good condition and worth the wait.

Native Plants in Claremont

Another nursery quite close to Toronto with a good range of high quality native plants.

North American Native Plant Society Annual Sale

You can buy many of the native plants mentioned on this website through the NANPS.

Prairie Originals

A nursery located in Manitoba. If you live in North Eastern Ontario, then this nursery may be able to help you with a source of seeds.


Ontario Flora

Good range of plants. Located north of Toronto.


Ontario Native Plants

Good range of plants. Located online and delivery through the mail was reliable.


Origin native plants Good range of plants including some rarities. Located around Guelph.
Prairie song nursery

Specialises in plants from Southern Ontario with a wide selection of tall grass prairie species. Located in S.W. Ontario. No website, but you can find them on facebook.

Wildflower Farm This company now only does mail order for seeds. They have an excellent range of plants and you get prompt service. Please note that some of the plants sold are not native to Ontario.
Trees and Shrubs  
Not So Hollow Farm I have bought from this supplier through the NANPS and they sell a wide range of native trees and shrubs that are grown in containers. The nursery is located north of Toronto.


If you are a supplier of native plants in Ontario and you would like to be listed, please contact me by clicking on the logo in the top left. There is no charge for the listing.