A list of plants covered on this site.


Here is a list of perennials and shrubs that have notes. Unlinked names are plants that will be added over the next 12 months! It is important to read the individual notes about the species because not all species are alike in their ability to attract pollinators even if they from the same genus.

Scientific Name by genus Common name
Achillea Alumroot native
Actaea native Beardtongue native
Aesculus parviflora Bee balm native
Aesculus glabra native Bergamot native
Agastache native Big Bluestem native
Allium native Black or red chokeberry native
Andropogon native Black Cohosh or Bugbane native
Anemone patens native Blanketflower native
Antennaria native Blazing Star native
Antirrhinum Bloodroot native
Aquilegia native Boneset native
Aronia sp. native Bottlebrush Buckeye
Asarum canadense native Bottled gentian native
Asclepias native Butterfly bush
Aster native Buttonbush native
Astragalus native Calamint
Blephilia native California Fuchsia
Bouteloua native Columbine native
Bromus kalmii native Compass plant native
Buddleia Coneflowers native
Calamintha Culvers root native
Campsis native Cupplant native
Carex native Downy wood mint native
Caryopteris Eastern Redbud native
Ceanothus americanus native Evening primrose native
  Eastern prickly pear cactus native
Cephalanthus occidentalis native False sunflower native
Cercis canadensis native Field thistle native
Cimicifuga racemosa native Flat topped white aster native
Cirsium discolor native Fleabane native
Clethra alnifolia native Flowering raspberry native
Coreopsis native Flowering spurge native
Dalea purpurea native  
Delphinium Globe thistle
Doellingeria umbellata native Golden alexanders native
  Goldenrod native
Echinacea native Great White Trillium native
Echinops Grey-headed coneflower native
Erigeron native Honeysuckle native
Eryngium Hyssops native
Eupatoriadelphus native Indian grass native
Eupatorium native Indian pinks
Euphorbia corollata native Ironweed native
Eutrochium native Joe-Pye weed native
Fragaria native June Grass native
Fuchsia Knapweed
Gaillardia native Lakeside daisy native
Gentiana andrewsii native Larkspur
Geum native Late figwort native
Geranium native Little Bluestem native
Heuchera native Lobelia native
Helenium autumnale native Lupines native
Helianthus native Meadowsweet native
Heliopsis native Mexican hat native
Hepatica native Mexican sunflower
Hibiscus moscheutos native Milk vetch native
Hymenoxys herbacea native Iris native
Iris native Lily native
Ipomopsis rubra Milkweed native
Koeleria macrantha native Mountain mint native
Lantana camara New Jersey Tea native
Liatris native Ninebark native
Lilium native Obedient plant native
Lobelia native Ohio Buckeye native
Lonicera native Onion (and related plants) native
Lupinus perennis native Phlox native
Mertensia virginica native Prairie brome native
Monarda native Prairie crocus native
Oenothera native Prairie Dock native
Opuntia humifusa native Prairie dropseed native
Panicum virgatum native Prairie Smoke native
Parthenocissus native Purple coneflower native
Penstemon native Purple prairie clover native
Phacelia tanacetifolia Purple tansy
Phlox native Pussytoes native
Physostegia native Rosinweeds native
Physocarpus native Rattlesnake master
Pinus strobus native Sedges native
Pulsatilla patens native Snapdragon
Pycnanthemum native Sea holly
Ratibida native Sharp leaved Hepatica native
Rubus odoratus native Sides Oats Gramma native
Rudbeckia native Sneezeweed native
Sanguinaria canadensis native Speedwell
Schizachryium scoparium native Spiderwort native
Scrophularia native Standing cypress
Sedum Steeplebush native
Silphium native Stonecrop
Solidago native Strawberry native
Sorghastrum nutans native Sundrops native
Spigelia Sunflower native
Spirea native Swamp Rose Mallow native
Sporobolus heterolepis native Sweet pepperbush native
Tetraneuris herbacea native Switchgrass native
Tithonia Tall verbena
Tradescantia sp. native Thoroughwort native
Trillium grandiflorum native Tickseed native
Verbena native Trumpet vine native
Verbena bonariensis Yarrow
Vernonia native Vervain native
Veronica Virginia Bluebell native
Veronicastrum native Virginia creeper native
Zauschneria White Pine native
Zinnia Wild Geranium native
Zizia native Wild Ginger native